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Posted 12/11/2019 09:03:07
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Whoa! What about that Team USA!  Records blown out of the water and otherwise! It’s amazing what human beings are capable of! They’re calling it the Year of the Woman, and it was, from the triumphs of the Fierce Five, to the mother of the man who's half dolphin who wept with love and pride as her son was honored as one of the greatest athletes in history, to Felix Sanchez from the Dominican Republic, who ran to gold with a photograph of his deceased grandmother pinned to his heart.

It's interesting to contemplate the evolution of the Olympics, not only with regard to women, but in the way athletes of both sexes accomplished physical feats heretofore believed impossible. Author and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard believes the human race stands at the threshold of evolving from homo sapiens to what she calls homo universalis, a new breed of humanity capable of spectacular feats in all aspects of our lives, including consciously guiding ourselves into a world of peace, harmony and unimaginable co-creativity. Whoa. What if it’s true?!

Hey, what about that Chik-fil-A saga? I found it fascinating that rallies and protests with regard to one of this country's political hot buttons were staged at a fast-food chain. Personally, I'm interested in hearing a statement from Dan Cathy about where his chickens come from, and whether they're raised humanely as opposed to living with the lights on 24 hours a day so they'll be compelled to gorge on a diet of ground feathers mixed with their own poop and laced with antibiotics, hormones, and even Prozac—because apparently chickens stressed out from being kept in cages no larger than their bodies produce tough meat. I have a young relative who wants to know why Chik-fil-A doesn't replace Styrofoam with a more environmentally friendly cup. Does Mr. Cathy practice and encourage recycling? Or does he (along with his outdated beliefs about human sexuality and spirituality) believe the world's resources are endless?

What about women being admitted membership to Augusta National Golf Club! The old guard accepted into its fold two women this month, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina businesswoman Darla Moore. I think satirist Andy Borowitz said it best in a tweet: Totally stoked about Augusta National's diversity now that it's .6% female.


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